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Do not Design a Logo Without Reading This Article

Do not Design a Logo Without Reading This Article

A new brand is born! We have a very good product or service. A team has been formed, market research has been done, all necessary permits have been obtained, and you have even found your brand name that will outshine your competitors. Wonderful! You've already gone through a painful process so far. Just when everything was over, the famous question came "How will our logo be?" If you search for the answer to this question in the wrong sources, get well soon. The painful process is over, now a more painful process begins. This article will guide you through the decision-making process for your logo.

Vector Logo Design

First of all, let's talk about a few technical issues about our logo. Logo design must be done in vector. What is vector design? How is it done? Why should we do vectorial design? We need to write separate articles for the answers to these questions, but for now I will try to explain briefly here.

Vectoral design is a type of design that is completely independent of resolution, in which each object is created with mathematical expressions. To go into a little more detail, the principle of revealing the object by coloring the pixels does not work in a vector design. Each color is recreated as you move closer or further away from the subject.

We cannot use pixel-based graphic design programs to make vector designs. So Adobe Photoshop is not suitable for vector design. So what do we need? Adobe Illustrator software, developed by Adobe company to make vector designs, is one of the common programs used to make vector designs. Apart from that, Corel Draw and Inkspace are useful programs where you can make your vector designs. It is possible to find many resources in Turkish and English to use any of these programs. We will also provide resource advice on training in our ongoing articles.

So why do we need vectorial design?

We talked about what vector design is, we also talked about how it's done, but you can say that while there are programs like photoshop and paint that everyone can use more easily, we also have a vector. Yes, unfortunately, our logo should be vectorial in order to make your logo design look better in print, and to take advantage of the advantages that vectors give us when we want to recolor or resize it later. Vector designs are used in every aspect of your corporate identity, from signs to business cards, from brochures to stamps. Companies that will serve you in all prints, sponsorships or media such as websites and mobile applications containing your logo will request a logo prepared in vector format from you.

We've learned a little about vectors, finally, let's talk about common vector extensions. Our file extension is .ai for Adobe Illustrator and .cdr for Corel Draw. Apart from that, you can save and transfer your vector designs with extensions such as .svg and .pdf.

The Right Color Selection for the Logo!

Yes, I think we agree that we will design our logo in vector. Is it over ? Of course not, we're actually just getting started. color selection As a country, we are very knowledgeable about colors as in many other subjects. You talk to 50 people to get their opinion, one of the dangerous questions that 50 of those 50 people can express different opinions about is what do you think is the most suitable color for my logo. And considering that there is more than one correct answer, it would be useful not to talk about the color issue too much. Let's figure it out ourselves. However, there are basically 3 main colors in nature, blue, red and yellow. Unfortunately, we will be intimately involved in this process with thousands of different colors consisting of a mixture of these primary colors. And what is the right color?

When you find it difficult to find the right color for your logo and corporate identity, color palettes will come to your aid. As a result of the researches carried out by experts in the field by examining customer feedback, some colors were associated with some moods. To give the right impression of your company, you can explore the effect of colors on moods. While determining the color for our corporate identity, pre-prepared color palettes from websites such as, will also take a heavy load off you

Vector Logo Design

What should we pay attention to when designing a logo?

If the colors are ok, let's move on to the other criteria. What should we pay attention to when determining the shape of our logo? Our most important criterion when designing a logo should be rememberability of the logo. The easiest way to test memorability is when someone sees your logo for the first time and for a few seconds, If he can take pen and paper and draw your logo, congratulations! You have a successful logo. When we look at the logos of brands such as Adidas, Nike, Apple, Mercedes, we realize that we all have logos that we can easily draw. We should also design a catchy logo that is far from confusion. If we are going to use text in our logo, we should prefer an easy-to-read font. Let's stay away from using Turkish characters (çşöİü) in our logo as much as possible. If it is unavoidable to use, let's make sure that the font we choose should support Turkish characters as well as being readable.

Our Logo Is Considered Ready!

  • Finally, let's end our article by mentioning a few more items.
  • Our first item, our logo should not be lost among other logos.
  • Our second item is that our logo does not lose its feature in arrangements such as black and white, white and black.
  • We need our logo options ready for dark floors and light floors.
  • Our logo should be tested on mockups according to the areas where it will be used.
  • If we are going to make changes on an already used logo, this change should not be sharp, the change should spread over time.
The Right Color Selection for the Logo!
What should we pay attention to when designing a logo?

Brand Identity Design

We are ready to serve you in the entire corporate identity development process, using what we have explained here and more!

“An image is not just a brand, a design, a slogan, or an easily remembered image. It is a meticulously created personality portrait of an individual, institution, company, product or service.”

Paul Klee.

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