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Tired of Spending Money on Features You Don't Use?

We offer you customized software at affordable costs, with which you can manage the business within the company, generate reports and analyze them.


Special Design

You can have a special design made for your company in line with your request.


Anywhere Access

You can access your custom software from many different devices.


The Right Strategy

You can apply the right strategy by examining the reports specific to you.



With the right reporting and strategy, growth will be inevitable.

Business Applications

Sentences that begin with "I want software, but ..." mean the beginning of a process that will end with special software for us. Technological developments such as Industry 5.0, artificial intelligence and image processing enabled companies to transfer most of their workloads to computers via software. The needs of every company, institution or organization are different. In periods when special software development was costly, companies could not go beyond the limits of existing software. However, since the technology required by each company is different from the other, the software they use may be insufficient to meet the needs, and companies may pay large license fees for features they do not use. This is exactly where we come in. We only develop software that will meet your needs, avoid unnecessary features and confusion, and are completely under your control.


Is It Totally For Me?

Yeah! Totally custom made for you. If you want, you can have an accounting software that reminds you to drink water at certain times of the day, or an ERP application that can interpret your daily coffee fortune. Yes, this may sound interesting. If you are part of a team that develops special software and listen to the special needs of companies, you will realize that these and similar ideas are actually very normal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, the biggest reason why companies get software development services tailored to their needs is that they pay high license fees for the software they currently use that does not fully meet their needs. In addition, according to the place where they are used; special software can do the work of more than one staff alone and reduce personnel costs. With special software, you can use your company's resources more efficiently and earn big profits in the long run.

The cost of each project varies according to the project. In order for us to price your project, we need to listen to your idea and do feasibility studies. As a result of our work, we help you at the most affordable price.

When determining the project cost, how long the project will take, how many personnel will work in the project during this time period and the expenses of these personnel are calculated. Apart from this, the extra server to be used in the project, the domain name, if necessary, different hardware (embedded systems, circuit boards, customized computers, laboratory materials, measurement and control devices, etc.) activities are calculated and the project is priced.

You can review our software development process regarding this question. The time set for each project is different. Before starting the project, we will inform you how long the project will take. In order not to extend the planned time, we also provide detailed information about the issues that need attention before each project.

Unless otherwise stated in our contract, we do not share our project source codes with our customers. However, if you want to receive the source codes with the project, we add this clause to our contract and share the source codes with you during the project delivery. Delivery of source codes is one of the factors in the pricing of the project.

Yes, we provide free technical support for 1 year in all our projects, within the scope of this technical support, we help you with server maintenance, updating, and eliminating errors that may arise in the process. In cases where the source codes are delivered, our technical support service ends with the delivery of the codes, due to the possibility of third parties interfering with the codes.