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Mobile App Development

With the development of technology, mobile phones have become an indispensable part of our lives. 74% of internet traffic is carried out only by mobile devices. Applications, games, social media applications and many more mobile content that will make our lives easier are already attracting users.

Constantly evolving technology and changing needs create a market for the development of new mobile applications. In this market, together with our mobile application development team, we become your solution partner for your ideas to be answered in the mobile world, in order to turn ideas into mobile applications.

App Development
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What We Do ?


We implement your mobile application idea that you want to run only on the Android operating system, and support you in uploading your application to the Google Play Store.


We support IOS application development and uploading to the AppStore for your mobile applications that you want to work only on Apple products or that cannot be developed with cross platforms.

Cross Platform

According to the needs of your project, we design mobile applications that are supported on more than one device in a single developer environment for different devices such as Android, IOS, Web, TV or smart watches, and we support them to be uploaded to application markets.

Steps to Success

Mobile Application Development Steps


Your Mobile Application Idea

The first thing we need to do is listen to your opinion. The better we can understand your idea and transfer it to our team, the more smoothly the rest of the process will go. While presenting your application idea to us, you can prepare documents related to your idea and make presentations. Apart from the details about your application idea in your presentation or documents, if you share with us the frame designs of potential pages, the colors if you have decided, or other elements of your corporate identity, we can complete this process in a very short time.


Designing Application Outlines

In our second stage, our application pages are designed in outline. Our aim here; It is to clarify parameters such as the numbers, locations and functions of the buttons, the menu content, the positions of other contents. These parameters, which will affect our database and the functions of the background functions that will run within the application, are visualized. Then a presentation is made to you. This part is very important for everything to go smoothly in the background of our project.


Software and Design Development Process

In the second stage, the functions and database structure that will work in the background of our application will be clarified. In the third stage, the database is prepared and the functions in the background are started to be coded. In parallel with this process, application interface design is made. Adobe XD program is used while designing the application interface. With Adobe XD you can create buttons, animations, page outlines, text boxes, icons… etc. designs are made. The design made at this stage will be the final design of the application and is made taking into account user feedback. However, the design made using Adobe XD is not yet in a state to be used in the application.


Implementation of Interface Design

In the third stage, the design we made is divided into parts to be dressed in our ready software. At this stage, all design elements meet with codes and gain functionality. This process; Although it differs in applications developed with Android, IOS or Cross platforms, it is the last stage of the mobile application development process for all 3 options. Now, when we press our button, we will be directed to the relevant page, or we will be able to interact with our database thanks to our interface.


Test Process

If we have passed the first four stages without any problems, we can now start our testing process. The application is tested by our test team on devices with different features for all platforms on which it will be published. There are application developers in our test team, as well as users of different age groups who do not have knowledge about software development processes. In this process, tests are made such as the usability of our application, whether it fulfills its functions, whether it works with the same performance on different devices. You can also participate in the test processes and give us feedback.


Project Delivery and Publishing

After passing all the stages, your application is now ready to be used. If your application is aimed only at a certain customer group or is used in a closed group, we deliver the installation files related to the application to you. If the application will be published in stores such as Google Play Store, App Store, we also provide technical support in this regard and ensure that your application reaches the end user. We are also making the necessary arrangements regarding in-app advertisements and purchasing, if used.